Art Supplies

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Oil Colours


Tradition meets technology in the manufacture of Daler-Rowney Oils and the best of both worlds ensure the glossy surface and pure lightfast colour demanded by artists worldwide.

In order to achieve the accuracy of colour and strength of tint that has become associated with Daler-Rowney, a precise formulation is used, combining oil content and high-quality pigment, ground as finely as possible to achieve complete dispersion. This releases the full intensity of the colour and creates a firm, smooth texture.

Daler-Rowney produces three major oil colour ranges – Artists’, Georgian and Graduate oils. All ranges are subject to rigorous testing for consistency of tint, texture and performance, even in extreme conditions.

Acrylic Colours



Many leading contemporary artists use acrylics, as they possess very different properties compared to oils or watercolours. When dry, acrylics lose their solubility very rapidly, and this is a great advantage to painters who wish to work quickly. A painting that might have taken weeks to accomplish in oil, can be completed in one session with acrylics because of the faster drying time.

Acrylic colours are classed as the “new” painting medium, as they have only been around for a few decades. Acrylics have gained in popularity over the years and are now the painting medium of choice. This is due to the plethora of application techniques, and their ability to take to virtually any surface.

The versatility of acrylics is built into the formulation of the paint, giving them excellent adhesion properties that allowing the paint to stick to surfaces from concrete to wood. Acrylics have the flexibility to move with the surface, expanding and contracting while still maintaining their integrity. Acrylics on canvas can even be loosely rolled up without affecting the finished film. Thinning with water allows watercolour techniques to be achieved without having to choose specially sized surfaces. Using the colour straight from the tube allows oil-like impasto marks to be created without the drawback of long drying times or worrying about “fat over lean” principles.



Daler-Rowney Watercolours are offered in two ranges – Artists’ Quality and Aquafine.

 Artists’ Watercolour is a professional-quality watercolour. Based on the finest modern and traditional pigments, it is precisely formulated to offer unparalleled performance and permanence. Choose from an extended range of brilliant colours, designed to create perfect washes of pure transparent colour without hard edges.

 Students and leisure painters may prefer to discover the art of watercolour using Aquafine, which offers brilliant free-flowing colour at an economical price. Like the oil range, this is achieved by the substitution of some of the more expensive pigments with lower-cost alternatives and is indicated by the word ‘hue’. Use with Aquafine brushes and the Aquafine paper range for maximum effect.



Inks are a more versatile medium than you might first imagine. The expressive fluidity and strong lightfast colour of acrylic inks are suitable for use by fine artists, illustrators, graphic designers, calligraphers, decorative artists and hobbyists, to name but a few.

FW Artists’ Ink can be applied with airbrushes, technical pens or traditional brushes, making them ideal for producing technical illustrations and finely worked drawings. They lend themselves equally well to clearly defined line work or broad washes of subtle, water-resistant colour (on most surfaces). Calli inks aren’t the only option for calligraphy; FW Pearlescent colours can also be used to dazzling effect, especially where highly decorative elements are required to illuminate basic letter forms. Pearlescent inks can also be used to add shimmer and shine to decorative arts such as greeting cards, seasonal decorations, mounts and frames.


Gouache Colours


Gouache colour is a kind of water based paint which contains the same ingredients as basic transparent watercolour but chalk is added to the pigments to make them more opaque.

It is fast-drying, denser and more reflective than transparent watercolour, and has always been used widely by manuscript illuminators and by miniature painters. Nowadays it is used mostly by professional designers working on illustrations for graphic reproduction.


Screen Printing

Printing in its various forms is a traditional type of art used widely throughout history and across the globe. The two main types of printing which Daler-Rowney focuses on today are Block Printing, with the use of water-soluble colours, and Silk Screen Printing, with the use of System 3 acrylic colours.

Block Printing is a technique used to print text, patterns or images onto paper and various other surfaces by creating a negative image with a special cutting tool on a lino block. The special Water-Soluble Block Printing colours, which are slightly tacky in their nature, are then applied to the block using a lino roller. A print can then be transferred onto a chosen surface multiple times.

Screen Printing is a technique which uses a a silk screen to transfer images drawn on the screen to your chosen surface. Here the System 3 acrylic colours are mixed with either a Screen Printing medium or a Textile Printing medium, if you wish to print on textiles.